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What is Cuban Food?

Cuban food has much in common with other Latin American cuisines, all of which evolved from three very different food cultures: the foods and ingredients the Spanish (and to a lesser extent Portugal and other European Countries) brought when they came to Latin America for territory and Gold; The vegetables, fruits, legumes, and other foods that were indigenous to the Caribbean and Latin America; and from the ingredients and foods African slaves brought back with them. Read More..


Pilar’s Version: Modern-Traditional Cuban Food

At Pilar, our goal is to make the best version of traditional Cuban food we can. It’s not gourmet, fancy or fusion: we get the greatest satisfaction from perfecting traditional Cuban dishes. We call it “modern” as well because today’s food culture is very different then it was a few generations ago, where cooking was a bit simpler and less fussy. For example, most Cuban kitchens, weather home or professional, used chicken bouillons for their stocks instead of making their own.

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